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DigitalTown Software Group is pleased to offer its unmatched portfolio of more than 20,000 school-related domains for use by athletic directors, schools, teams and communities. In total, these branded domains are relevant to more than 1 million community’s organizations, 700,000 teams across 27,000 high schools.

In order to provide access to these domains, DigitalTown has partnered with the NIAAA (National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association) and, an ICANN accredited registrar. Together we are working on solutions to increase the visibility of interscholastic athletics through the Internet .

In addition to providing domains on a cost-effective basis to schools, DigitalTown also supports two nonprofits, the DigitalTown Foundation and the NIAAA. A portion of the proceeds goes towards building programs for interscholastic sports with education and safety in mind.

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Ever since the 1980's when the focus was primarily on computer education training and manufacturing, DigitalTown has evolved with the ever changing technology market place. In 2005, DigitalTown became a holding company of intellectual property which mainly contained domain names. These domain names were centered around community spirit (high school), media, and technology areas.

Since the initial purchase of 22,000 domains in April 2005, DigitalTown has continually increased its portfolio. The portfolio is currently growing by an average of 250 to 400 a year. DigitalTown's high school spirit domain names in the .com format increased from 89% in 2005 to over 94% in 2011. Combined with the .net holdings, DigitalTown's portfolio now represents over 99% of the 27,000 high schools in the United States. With rapid new changed in the market place such as cloud computing (Amazon Cloud) and social networking platforms (Facebook, Twitter and MySpace), DigitalTown is now in a unique place to grow its holding of community, media, and technology websites.

*This is a beta registration site for domain leases for the NIAAA members and Athletic Directors and approved associates  located in the United States. DigitalTown and the NIAAA reserved the right on final approval of a domain lease.

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